How to design hair studio’s interior? – Part I

When you design any interior, you have to think about a lot of more or less obvious thing, and have open mind. When you design hair salon’s interior, it could be difficult to apply to customer’s taste. That’s a problem for everyone who arranges a public place.

The first step

Before you start to create a project, you should answer some simply questions. At first, which style do you want your hair salon to be? Secondly, who are your future customers and what will they expect? Furthermore, what kind of service you can offer them to increase their comfort? And finally, how many customers can you expect? Some opportunities and solutions are determined by location of your salon. You should answer the questions above, before you start to look for the location.

Interior styles

If you decide to arrange your hairdresser’s salon in a shopping center you will have a lot of space and freedom. However, the styles of interior and rest of center must go together. If the center’s style is modern, you should design your salon minimalistic.

You can also stand up on rich interior by putting soft sofas and decorate the walls by lot of adornments and hanging crystal chandeliers. You can arrange salon located in the downtown similarly. But in this situation, you should centre upon the windows. It should attract attention and encourage to come in. The customers should notice firstly easy to remember logo, tasteful photographs of hairstyles and the color shame.

Interesting designed interior is another way to attract the customer’s attention. It should be well visible from the street. However, this solution is goo only if hair salon is situated on the floor. The customers won’t feel comfortable when someone behind the window can see them with hair dye on their head.