Hairdresser's salon - how to design it well on small area?

There are hairdresser’s salons which have functioned for years and the new ones in every city. A lot of salons have only two or three positions because of simply reason - new opened hair salon’s owners recently don’t have a lot of money in the beginning. That’s why they look for thriftiness in every possible way. Most frequently they open their salon in small local with low rent. Unfortunately, this solution entails also a small space to design.

How to arrange a small, functional salon and bring together hairdresser’s work’s ergonomics and customer’s convenience?

Let’s start from equip the salon with furniture. For the small hair salon you should choose slight tables, sofas and shelves which are as well functional and esthetic. Today it’s hard to complain about producers offer, because it’s really wide and it’s easy to choose something proper for each interior.

Most important furniture 

One of the most significant furniture in the salon is a chair. Client will spend most of time sitting on it so it should be a comfortable and simply built model. It should also have a footstool and an armrest. It’s good if it has also a hydraulic cylinder to regulate seat’s height. Hairdresser’s wash is also very important furniture. You can buy wash integrated with the chair or only single wash basin and ad the chair to it. You have to remember about space saving so you should choose ergonomic built furniture. You don’t have to reduce height of hairdresser’s styling units because they can be expanded on whole the wall. Together with mirrors and the lighting they could became real salon’s decoration.

Even a small hairdresser’s salon has to have a waiting area

You should lay emphasis on convenience and comfort because aside from styling chair, the customer will spend here most time. Even though big sofas and chairs are impossible to put, there are also goo solutions for small spaces. You can choose a small bench with pillows and slight table or only the chairs. If you make up your mind to single make up chair, you have to care about their comfort an original appeal. Waiting area is the place which you especially have to take notice of. This area represents your hairdresser’s salon and it will create opinion about it.