5 Tips To Find The Perfect Chair

Talking about the most necessary equipment for the salon we can not omit hairdresser's chair. It's far more than a regular piece of furniture. Let's think about it for a minute: where most of your customers' experiences happen? What is the most responsible for their comfort and convenience? Exactly! Of course we all want it to be the best possible quality, but the fact is, shopping for a new styling chair may be intimidating, and sometimes even frustrating. What to choose while having a thousands of color choices, design options and function combinations? To help you with that task, we have prepared a list with a 5 tips to find the perfect furniture for your salon. 

1. Define your design concept

By catching an idea, it is far easier to pick furniture that goes really well with the rest of your décor. If you opt for a tough, industrial look – let's seek dark chairs with metal frames. You should know that metallic features within hairdresser's salon design add a great textural element and provide surface which reflects the light. It all creates an open and well-lit atmosphere without a necessity to give up on the loft-inspired vibe.

2. Client's comfort always goes first

...and the look goes second. Your chair may be the prettiest chair you have ever seen, but if your customer doesn't feel comfortable sitting in it for two (or more!) hours, you should get rid of it. There is no place to compromises. You should look for chairs with ergonomic features, for example an elastic webbing – it will provide a custom relief for your various individual clients.

hairs salon design

3. Focus on details

Style is very important, but so it caring about your budget. Choose a furniture that will stay trendy at least for a couple of years. Remember to take a closer look at details, including parallel pinpoint stitching – will they survive the test of time?

4. Keep it clean

Bright upholstery makes an intriguing contrast against dark details, but it's truly hard to keep it nice and clean. Many things can potentially ruin your white or beige hairdresser's chair: dark jeans, tints and colors, not to mention other chemicals... Better opt for something else, for example a model with removable cushions (both back and bottom). It will be an easy way to refresh and clean your décor really quick!

5. Ask for a professional advice

Professional designer will help you define a space concept and may offer you advice concerning traffic flow and the latest design trends. With his or her help selecting an equipment won't be such a nightmare. When you decide on working with a specialist, you may be able to see your décor concept waking up to life!