How the hair salon’s waiting room should look like?

What is the secret of the successful hair salon? The answer in not that simple, but it definitely needs to employ talented people, who knows their profession well, and it has to look nice. The style of such place is very significant, as you need to remember that people come the hairdresser not only to change their image, but also to simply relax. And to feel really comfortable in your hair salon it has to be well designed. One of the very important parts of every hair salon is a waiting room. So you should take some time to think carefully about its design.

Plan the waiting area

As in case of any other space, before deciding what furniture or other equipment to buy, you should precisely plan the arrangement of the waiting room. It mostly depends on the size and shape of such room, and on which walls are windows and door.

At this point you should also already know what will be the general style of the whole hair salon and the waiting room. It seems to be obvious that they need to correspond with each other. Think about the colours you want to use, and the kind of the furniture you would like to see in this specific area.

friendly hair salon reception

Client-friendly reception

Reception is usually an integral part of every waiting room. This is where your clients may get all the necessary information about the salon and particular hairdressers, and also make an appointment. That is why, the reception needs to be visible right after the clients enter your hair salon, so they won’t feel lost.

The reception desk doesn’t have to be very big, because most people don’t feel comfortable when they have to climb on their toes to speak to a person behind it. What is the most important, is to find a desk which will go with the style you have chosen. It has to look nice and be really aesthetic. 

Waiting room – relaxing zone

The place where your clients wait patiently for their turn is really important. From that point they should feel that they are being taken care of. Comfortable sofa is the central part of the waiting room, and you should pick it really carefully to make sure that it is perfect. Even if you do not have a lot of space to use, a small sofa is much better idea than chairs.

What is more, every waiting room should also be equipped with a hanger for coats and a coffee table. You may place various kinds of magazines on it, so your clients will have a chance to entertain while waiting for their turn. And if you decide to serve hot or cold drinks, even small coffee table is the best place to put the cup away.