Hairdresser’s waiting area’s design – what you should take notice of?

Waiting area is one of the most important places in hairdresser’s salon aside from a reception desks. These two places should go together so you have to think closely about it. When you design your salon, you should bear in mind the whole space which you have at your disposal. You have to consider place for reception’s counter, sofa for customers and table with magazines.

Everything should go together and create nice and special atmosphere. Sofa or poufs should be perched near the reception but they can’t intrude on hairdresser’s work and client’s rest. If it’s possible, we should set customer’s seat in front of the window. It will allow your clients observe what is happening outside. On the other hand, people outside will be able to see your salon’s interior.

If you can’t set the sofa in front the window, you can try to set it sideways to it. It will allow the customer to observe what is happening inside and outside the salon. The worst idea is to set the seat in front the reception desks, because it could disturb the employees and the customers. Sofa or different kind of seat for the clients should be comfortable and match to the interior.

You have to pay attention on material which the seat is made of. It can’t be any material which is hard to clan. The customers have to spend some time in the reception desks in every hairdresser’s salon. On this time, they recently glance trough magazines, newspapers and hairdresser’s catalogs.

You have to remember to complete women’s and man’s magazines and catalogs with hairdresser’s trends. Material witch the table is made of depends on interior’s design but there is one condition – it has to be easy to clean. You also have to have a coat hanger in your hairdresser’s salon and you have to choose esthetic one which match to the interior. You can also add small lockers to left handbags and shopping bags or stand for umbrellas.